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Check Out The Best Yoga Certification Programs Online Available. Save Time, We Found Them For You!

Before the global pandemic, most of us live busy lives and may have thought we did not have extra time. With things shifting worldwide, we realize that we have time and can explore new possibilities and opportunities.

Have you considered becoming a yoga instructor and are curious about all the potential training available? Or you want to enhance your personal practice or teaching? Now is a perfect time! With extra time and an abundance of training programs available on the world wide web, this is the time to consider taking an online course.

Some online training is not a new concept. However, with fast-moving technology and restrictions on in-person activities due to Covid-19, many new opportunities exist, resulting in several teachers and companies adjusting to bring yoga teacher training programs. In this emerging market, the timing could not be better to explore a boost in your yogic journey through an online course.

Read about several online courses below, varying in yoga styles and focus, and decide for yourself what best suits your interests and needs.

The Value of Yoga Certification Programs online

Yoga certification programs online offer several advantages. One of the significant benefits of doing an online program is the flexibility and freedom to experience at your own pace, in your home, or wherever you choose to log on and study. This process also helps create and enhance one’s self-discipline and accountability. With in-person training extremely limited in today’s times due to the global pandemic, we may find that online yoga certification programs are more fulfilling than we ever could have imagined.

Not just in Yoga, but in most studies in the present time, there is a trend moving toward digital learning. Yoga certification programs online is a trend we can expect to stay. Many online trainings are structured in ways to create a similar and vibrant experience as in-person training. This includes student to student and student to teacher interaction, practicum, tests, and exams. In addition to self-growth, online Yoga certification programs involve making sure students are ready to lead yoga classes online and off with confidence. Today there are more online yoga certification programs available than ever before!

Is Certification Available for Yoga Programs online?

It depends. Teachers and studios can set their own requirements and certification exams. Different credentialing will depend on the specific course you take. Yoga Alliance is one of the most popular outfits to provide Yoga certifications. This organization is a private, nonprofit entity that is optional for teachers to join. Yoga teachers are not obligated to join Yoga Alliance, which charges various membership and certification fees. It is also not recognized or governed by any local, state, or federal government. It is purely optional.

Generally speaking, Yoga studios hire instructors for their knowledge, demeanor, professionalism, and capacity to nurture and inspire students. It does not matter whether or not you join Yoga Alliance or obtain a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status through them in many studios.

We invite you to perform research on Yoga Alliance entities and make your own decisions on whether joining this type of organization aligns with you.

Best Yoga Certification Programs Online

We selected various online Yoga training programs with different yoga styles from online yoga schools. This article provides you with options depending on your specific needs. We put the focus on the “simplest” version of the courses available.

For example, we focused on the 200-Hour Hatha training, but there are many advanced options available. For your convenience and to assist you in making an informed decision, there is a summary table with all the yoga styles, prices, and advanced course offerings at the end of this article.

The following are 11 different styles of online Yoga certification programs we reviewed. So pick your favorites and explore:

• Hatha and Vinyasa
• Ashtanga
• Power yoga
• Restorative
• Iyengar
• Yoga Nidra
• Yin yoga
• Ayurveda
• Kundalini
• Breathwork 

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Hatha and Vinyasa Online Certified Programs

The Sanskrit word “Hatha” means: “Ha” – sun and “Tha” – moon. The body and soul connection are represented by the sun, while the consciousness and mind are symbolized by the moon. Hatha Yoga is viewed as the search for a balance between the solar and lunar forces.

Vinyasa practice is a faster, flowing practice where Breath and movement are synchronized, linking mind, body, and Breath. In this more dynamic practice of Vinyasa, there is no fixed series of asana. In Vinyasa poses, less time is spent than in a Hatha yoga practice, which results in more intense rhythmic and fluid movements.

Personal Attention Program: Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

brett larkin smiling Yoga Certification Programs Online

Brett Larkin’s Uplifted™ program is a unique option that includes more than 10 hours of business training. This exciting addition is intended to help students, especially as online yoga teachers. This module of the course covers topics, for example, such as how to market yourself in the online environment and how to negotiate fees with studio owners and other potential clients.

In this program, you also get to take modules on fascia modules with Tom Myers – (one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected experts on human soft tissue). This is far beyond the typical anatomy taught in the majority of yoga teacher training.

Even more exciting, when you take the online course Uplifted™, you join a Yoga community consisting of a global network of former graduates and teachers fostering a deeper connection with like-minded people. They also offer a “Bridge” program available to anyone who already completed a 200-Hour training with another yoga school that desires additional education.

This Yoga certification program includes:

• Format: videos (self-paced)
• Duration: 200 Hours (300 and 500 available). 8-10 hours a week, 18-months to graduate.
• Audio lessons
• PDFs
• video calls (live) each week (4 hours)
• Bridge program is $,1450 (full) or $287/mo in 4 installments.
• Uplifted™ is $2,850 (full) or $364/mo in 7 installments.
• Yoga style: Vinyasa/ Hatha
• 200 Hour Yoga Certification Accredited
• Web:

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Personalized & engaged Community: Zazyoga

Marylene henry yoga teacher in a pose YTT Yoga certification programs online IYAT RTT 200 300 500 hours Vinyasa Flow certification

This is an online certification program with a personalized touch offered by (200h Mindful Movement Yoga Teacher Training). From daily feedback to coaching sessions one-on-one by the teachers, this training provides a deep understanding of Yoga both as a lifestyle and a practice.

The Zazyoga online training program offers a yoga toolbox bringing balance and wellness to students. The training is a combination of the active and flowing Vinyasa style and the more gentle practices of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. 

The Zazyoga program is based on these main tenants: Teaching Mastery, Functional Alignment, and Mindfulness.

This training includes an in-depth look at anatomy. It includes lessons on the biomechanics of asanas with their effect and application on the mind and the body. It also offers insight on adapting various techniques to make Yoga accessible to everyone taking into account their age, injuries, overall fitness level, etc.

Mindfulness is incorporated into every teaching in the program. The instructions of yoga philosophy and mindful practices enable students to understand and observe the mind’s function, the release of repetitive thought patterns, and the ability to transform lives on and off the mat. 

This extensive teaching methodology provides Zazyoga students with the knowledge and experience to confidently shine their own genuine voice and deliver inspiring and creative classes.  

This Yoga Certification Program online includes:

• Format: self-paced with videos, downloadable worksheets, manuals, daily personal practice feedback, one-on-one coaching calls with teachers, and live weekly community calls. 
• Yoga style: Vinyasa / Restorative / Yoga Nidra
• Duration: Full-time in 30 days or part-time according to your schedule – (200 Hours)
• Lifetime access to the course material
• Price: COVID price $1,397 (from $2,800), or monthly payment of $141.
• Yoga teachers’ Bridge program for : $797 (discounted from $1,997) installments available.
• Certification: Yoga Alliance 
• IG: @zazyoga 
• Web:

Accessible and personalized – My Vinyasa Practice

five people practicing yoga mountain pose  facing camera  best Yoga certification programs online YTT Alliance certified

The My Vinyasa Practice online program essentially mirrors a 200-hour in-person YTT. In doing so, it provides students with both an in-depth well of learning and personalized interaction. Teachers who obtain certification will be well equipped to teach classes in various settings such as studios, clinics, corporate environments, or private lessons.

Yoga, Ayurveda’s history and philosophy, including exploring Tantra Yoga, anatomy and physiology, sequencing, studying the chakras, dharma, and karma, plus the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, are all covered in this course.

Included in this Yoga Certification Program online:

• Format: videos (self-paced),
• Podcasts
• Live stream (membership for 30 days)
• Duration: 200 Hours (300 and 500 also available). Lifetime access.
• Price: In full: $375 (50% off, original price $750).
• Installments: 15 payments of $50/mo or 10 of $75/mo.
• Yoga style: Vinyasa
• Certification: Yoga Alliance International Accredited
• IG: @my_vinyasa_practice
• Web:

Perfect for beginners – Yoga Renew

If you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, this course will improve your knowledge of Yoga at the same price as a weekend workshop! The price of this course is not necessarily why we liked it so much; it also has excellent cohesiveness and a solid foundation.

Once you get your certificate and complete all the course content, you can begin to search for a studio to teach or even establish your own yoga teaching company. This yoga teacher training course is an autonomous way of determining when and when to start.

You receive an official 200 Hour Yoga Alliance upon completion. When you buy the course, you will also acquire useful yoga books, knowledge, and video material to add to your previous training if you are a certified instructor.

In this online yoga instructor training you will learn:

  • Price: $USD 437 or $USD 80 monthly payment
  • (for 6 months)
  • Duration: 200 hours/offers also 300 hours
  • ($USD 547) + 500 hours ($USD 900)
  • Yoga Teacher Resources Preparation
  • Yoga teaches videos
  • 24/7 online support
  • Access to the latest tips and updates
  • Keep live zoom calls regularly.
  • 50 Class Sequence Plans For Use Today (value $150)
  • Emails Weekly (Quotes, Pose Guides, Sequence Ideas, Teaching Tips and Playlists)
  • Legal sample Liability waiver ($250 value)
  • 2 Free Yoga Models ($200 Value)
  • Free Yoga Client Intake & Health History Form ($250 Value)
  • Yoga Asana Flashcards ($50 Value)
  • 125 Yoga Style Ideas ($55 Val)
  • Yoga Inspiration Class Playlist
  • Sample Yoga Client Intake
  • History Form ($250 Value)
  • Meditative images
  • Guided Scripts ($100 Value)
  • 3 Ebooks ($150)
  • website :

An in-depth training – Siddhi Yoga

group of students with certificate Yoga Certification Programs Online

Emanating from the brilliant teachings of Siddhi Yoga schools located throughout India, this is an in-depth online course offered by three yoga masters. Each master teaches students profound yoga principles based on traditional yogic history.

From Rishikesh, Dr. Sumit Sharma teaches modules on alignment, asana, and anatomy. Dr. Sharma is trained in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, while Dr. Shobhit Ghanshyala, a certified E-RYT500, focuses on the asanas. Both of them are certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers (YACEP).

Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey has been teaching philosophy and meditation to students all around the world for years. He holds a master’s degree in Yoga and Indian Philosophy from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.

The studio shifted teachings online through the Siddhi Yoga Training to ensure students obtain the same instruction level as the Yoga certification program online. Every student has access to 200 hours of self-paced teachings, over 200 video lessons, and the instructors’ signature 300-page manual. Classes are held weekly on Zoom through December 31. Every Saturday and Sunday are also scheduled. 

This self-paced Siddhi Yoga YTT Certification (200 hours) course provides each student with lifetime access to the online materials. Each trainee becomes part of the Siddhi community rooting back to India.

This course provides authentic yoga teachings at an affordable price.

Included in this Yoga Certification Program online :

• Duration: 200 hours
• Videos of all the poses
• 200 Hour YTT Manual
• Pre-recorded lectures & written content
• Recorded practices at Siddhi Yoga
• Support and feedback from your mentor
• Meditation
• Complementary to Ayurveda Add – On ($197 Value)
• Complimentary access to Restorative Yoga Add – On ($147 Value)
• Methodology
• Pranayama
• Yoga Philosophy
• Bhakti Yoga
• Yoga Anatomy
• Asanas
• 100s of prepared sequences
• Access to the Siddhi private group
• IG: @siddhiyogainternational
• Web:

Beginners Course Through Yoga Farm Ithaca

screenshot website home page Yoga Certification Programs Online

This comprehensive Radiant Warrior Online Yoga & Mindfulness course includes lessons on different styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, mindfulness. Students will receive training to teach Yoga both online and in-person. Yoga Farm, a nonprofit, fulfills its mission by providing access to the gifts of Yoga through their 200-hour yoga teacher training certification.

Beginners will enjoy this Program that does not require any pre-yoga practice to register. Each student starts just where they are and works closely with the teachers in this interactive training that includes a mixture of live classroom time and self-paced work.

This training module focused on online teaching covering zoom calls, technology, the internet, and social media. Students learn about ‘holding space’ for a class in an online environment and lead a virtual room full of people and a single camera with skillful teachers’ guidance. Personal connection and an interactive experience permeate this Program though the live oriented classrooms.

Included in this Yoga Certification Programs online :

• Date start: January 2021
• Course curriculum: 12 weeks
• Yoga style: Hatha yoga / Mindfulness / Vinyasa yoga.
• Course fee: $1,499
• Certified 200hr already? Join as a refresher YTT for $799 
• Full guidance during the training with live interaction.
• 200 hour Yoga Alliance YTT certification.
• Payment Option 1 – $199 (8 months after a deposit of $199)
• Payment Option 2 – $329 (4 months after a deposit of $329) 
• Web:

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Restorative Yoga courses

Restorative Yoga is a specialized practice where the asanas are held longer than in other forms of Yoga. Postures are commonly maintained for 5-20 minutes while the student is supported by bolsters, blankets, straps, etc. – to promote relaxation and allow the student to ultimately rest.

Knowledgeable – Siddhi Yoga Restorative Yoga

man laying on yoga cousin Yoga Certification Programs Online

This self-paced Yoga certification program by Yoga Master Dr. Shobhit Ghanshyala is 25 hours focused exclusively on Restorative Yoga. The course covers the many benefits of a restorative practice, its history, and how to use props to achieve rest and relaxation, along with teaching and demonstration principles. 

The differences between Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga are also covered. Known as “Govinda,” Dr. Shobhit study with various teachers from different traditional schools and ashrams. He had certified E-RYT500 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) from Yoga Alliance USA.

Included in this online Restorative training:

• Format: Self-paced training
• Duration: 25 hours
• 50 pages manual
• 40 + video training
• Price: $147
• Yoga Style: Restorative
• Certification: 25 YACEP hours
• Access to a private group
• Lifetime access and support
• Web:

Yoga International’s comprehensive restorative Program

people laying down on wooden floor legs up on brick wall Yoga Certification Programs Online

Cyndi Lee provides training in this course to help students and teachers learn how to work with different body sizes, shapes, and abilities in restorative yoga poses and practice. She provides prop hints that help students practice at home or when traditional props are not available. In addition to offering complete sequences in the course, she also includes two Buddhist meditation practices.

In this Yoga certification program online, Cindy teaches students how to introduce restorative poses in a class setting and offers several sequencing options. Notably, she includes instruction on the most common teaching obstacles and ways to overcome them.

Included in this course :

• Format: self-paced course
• Duration: 6 Hours
• Bite-size videos
• Full course manual
• PDFs
• Price: $225
• Yoga style: Restorative Yoga
• Digital certificate of completion- Yoga Alliance Continuing Education
• IG: @yoga_international
• Web:

Iyengar Yoga Courses

The late Master B.K.S Iyengar is the founder of this style of practice. He focused on the teachings of highly technical poses, mainly emphasizing alignment. Some say Iyengar teachings allow students to bring prana flow to the cells, awakening body awareness, and improving health.

Yoga Vastu’s Beginners course:

screenshot home page website yoga Yoga Certification Programs Online

With 40 years of teaching experience, Yoga Vastu is viewed as one of the most popular Iyengar streaming platforms. Each week there are new content offerings, including many different courses and classes. This accessible Iyengar Yoga Foundations Course is geared toward the beginner student new to Iyengar yoga. This course is essentially a step-by-step introduction to the basic postures, with a progression building as each class progresses.

This program is to enable students to create their own individual understanding and give to give the foundations of Yoga.

Included in this Yoga Certification Program online :

• Format: a five-part course through videos.
• Duration: around 5 hours.
• Price: 3 free videos or unlimited access to the courses for 14 days. 
• Monthly fee: $12.24
• Annual fee: $123.74
• Yoga style: Iyengar
• Certification: No
• IG: @yogavastu
• Web:

Yoga Nidra Courses

This practice is about physically, mentally, and emotionally reaching profound relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a fantastic meditation technique and restorative practice, giving you a sense of absolute wholeness.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra, some reach a state of consciousness described as waking and sleeping, sometimes described as the “going-to-sleep” stage. This is typically induced through a guided meditation. Yoga Nidra can be profoundly relaxing and stress relieving for some students.

Be your own voice: Scott Moore Yoga.

screenshot yoga website index page people laying down on mats with eye pillows on face Yoga Certification Programs Online

Scott Moore opines that Yoga Nidra is different than other forms of mindfulness because of its focus on relaxation as the passageway to experiencing your True Nature, that of Awareness itself.

This online Yoga certification program will enhance your Yoga Nidra knowledge through actual practice. Students will also learn Yoga Nidra philosophy and how they can find their own voice to teach authentically and confidently.

Included in this Yoga Certification Program online :

• Format: Self-paced
• Audio and video files
• Scripts
• Full book and instruction manual.
• Duration: 20 Hours
• Price: $345 (total) or payment plans available.
• Yoga style: Nidra
• Certification: Continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.
• Web:

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga emphasizes the Taoist view of the world: everything is divided into yin/yang, and energy transformation occurs as a continuous process.

In yang practices such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga, the cardiovascular system is stimulated, muscles strengthened, and flexibility increased. Yin practice, on the contrary, effectively targets other tissues in the body, fascia, and the connective tissue forming our joints (bones and ligaments). Poses are sometimes held for 3 to 20 minutes.

The Functional Approach: Pranamaya Yin Yoga

group of people dressed in black Yoga Certification Programs Online

Master teacher Paul Grilley reminds us that it is untrue to expect that all yoga practitioners must achieve a visually “perfect pose.” Indeed, that is a fallacy very often, resulting in ineffectiveness and sometimes injury.

In this Yoga certification program online called -The Functional Approach course – all students, whether new or advanced, study how to recognize the 7 archetypal pose families (their variations and purposes) and the 24 Target Areas of the body. Also, the essential anatomical aspects of each Yin Yoga pose will be covered.

Included in this Yoga Certification Program online :

• Format: self-paced, video content, downloadable study guide
• Duration: 20 Hours
• Lifetime access.
• Price: $495
• Yoga style: Yin Yoga
• Yoga Alliance for 20 CEU (Continuing Education Units) Credits
• Web:

Ayurveda Yoga Courses

Ayurveda fits incredibly with Yoga, as there are both leading Indian philosophies. Encouraging the practice of meditation, breathing, and postures as part of an essential daily routine. It includes chanting, mantras, and the use of herbs. In this course, Yoga is the practice of Ayurvedic science.

Experienced and knowledgeable: Siddhi Yoga Ayurveda

screenshot home page ayurveda website Certification Programs Online

This certification course is a robust introduction to the three doshas in Ayurveda. This program is taught by Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangotra. He studied with Dr. L Mahadevan and was exposed to a broad range of clinical cases and panchakarma.

Students in this online Ayurvedic Program learn how to know the Pitta/Vata/Kapha Dosha is balanced and unbalanced. Students will learn about different exercises, diet, and Yoga that are best for Pitta, Vata, and Kapha Dosha Type, and how to implement other modalities depending on the Dosha in play.

In addition to the teachings of Ritu Charya, the Ayurveda Body Type & current dosha state), the five fundamental theory, and an introduction to the concept of body tissues in Ayurveda have also included the training. 

This online Ayurveda certification course includes:

• Format: Self-paced training
• Duration: 25 hours
• downloadable PDFs (20)
• Video lessons (27)
• Price: $197
• Style: Ayurveda
• Certification: 25 hours (YACEP)
• Private group + Lifetime access and support
• Web:

Online Yoga School: Yoga and Ayurveda Center

Website screenshoot of online yoga school

yoga certification program online

Online Yoga School’s goal is to make yoga certification program online cheap and accessible to everyone interested in deepening their yoga knowledge or becoming a yoga teacher while maintaining the integrity of ancient yogic teachings. They not only have hundreds of hours of training under the belt, but they also practice and teach on a daily basis. Online Yoga School are loyal to ourselves when it comes to finding inner calm while developing inner and outward power.

Online Yoga school helps students experience the pleasure and wonder of mind-body integration. They promote a genuine and life-affirming practice that emphasizes increased awareness of each moment and every movement of the body, with a strong focus on breath.

Students may create an endless variety of yoga-integrated investigations all over the globe since they are not bound by one dogmatic approach to yoga certification program online.

Yoga & Ayurveda Center, their yoga certification program online, is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. They’ve been conducting training in our community for years, and their emphasis has changed from teaching public yoga sessions to training new yoga teachers. Due to the Coronavirus, all training is now conducted online.

This yoga certification program online includes:

  • Learn how to become a 200, 300, or 500 hours certified yoga teacher online, using any device.
  • Receive great support and lifetime access in a self-paced environment.
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification is included as a bonus.
  • Learn all you need to know to become an in-demand, capable yoga teacher.
  • IG: yoga school online
  • Website:

In-depth program – Yoga Veda School of Ayurveda

screenshot home page ayurveda website Certification Programs Online buddhist bowl gold

Level 2 – Ayurvedic practitioner diploma

This online course offers training in disease and pathology management, expressly created to provide a high-quality online learning experience. Its focus is to provide the guidance, support, and continuing education essential to developing an Ayurvedic Practitioner’s competencies and skills.

Once enrolled, all students engage in weekly virtual classrooms and complete 150 patient encounters. Students meet weekly during the Program, which includes distance mentorship and internship classes. Students have the opportunity to present their patient’s meetings with an Ayurvedic Practitioner’s supervision during clinical assessments.

This Ayurveda Instructor course online includes:

• Pathology II / 20 hours
• Pathology III / 20 hours
• Panchakarma / 20 hours
• Pathology I (/ 20 hours
• Herbology I / 20 hours
• Herbology II / 20 hours
• Postnatal Ayurveda / 20 hours
• Ayurvedic Anatomy / 20 hours
• Online Clinical Internship / 20 hours
• Sanskrit for Ayurvedic Practitioners / 20 hours
• Chitiksa / 20 hours
• Women’s Health / 20 hours
• Clinical Assessment / 20 hours
• Ayur-Yoga & Nutrition Foundations 
• Yogic Philosophy / 20 hours
• Spiritual Health & Healing (20-hours live web conference)
• Clinical experience with a 6 month supervised clinical experience/150 patient encounters)

Included in this Online Program:

• Each term comprises 10-lessons (13 weeks)
• 2/4 years depending on your schedule (about 10 hours per week to each course each term)
• Audio Lectures
• Presentation Slides
• Workbooks {Download}
• Live Web Classes
• Lesson Recordings
• Exclusive Online members
• Weekly Discussions inside our Private Community Group
• 16 Courses of Comprehensive Content (Online)
• A Supportive Community of other students worldwide.
• PDF Resources, Lecture Notes & Bonus Resources
• Price: = $11,960 for the full Ayurvedic Practitioner Program
• Tuition: composed of the Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC – year 1/ $5980) plus the Ayurvedic Practitioner as above (AP year 2). 
• Payment plans and pay in full discounts are available
• Certified National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)
• Diploma course: Ayurvedic Medicine as an Ayurvedic Practitioner (AP) 
• Website:

Donation Based Training Through the Yoga Veda Institute

women in child pose on yoga mat Certification Programs Online

Here, the Āyurvedic Yoga Teacher (AYT) Diploma gives teachers knowledge concerning lifestyle and dietary therapies to promote preventive healthcare. You will learn pranayama, philosophical and physical practices of Yoga, ancient yoga traditions, and a focus on professional development are all included in this comprehensive online training program. 

This is Karma Service Centered school that works through a Seva program. In Sanskrit, the word “Seva” means selfless service. Seva is a vital part of spiritual practice. This Program is underscored by a “pay it forward” goal accomplished through a karma service commitment of 100 hours in the student’s community.

This online Ayurveda certification course offers:

• Format: interactive
• weekly live classes
• Video or audio lectures, reading, and assignments.
• Duration: 450 Hours (12 months).
• Price: All on donation (+ 100 hours of karma service in your community) Typical donation (between $50 – $150/month) 
• Yoga style: Ayurveda
• Modules count toward Yoga Alliance Continuing Education and a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.
• IG: @yoga_veda
• Web:

Breathwork Courses

Breathwork transforms your breathing with breathing techniques that influence the way you are feeling. It works on improving your mental, emotional, and physical health. During a breathwork class, you are instructed to intentionally change your breathing pattern; it affects your Awareness, relaxation, and improves your focus. Breathwork is said to bring about improvements in your emotional state and decrease stress levels.

A powerful transformative journey: Soma Breath

Nora breath work Yoga Certification Programs Online

This in-depth course includes meditation, the science of Breath, and music as specific therapeutic tools along with 5 core breathwork techniques to open your students’ full potential. Students will learn the step-by-step SOMA Energized Meditation process in Level 1 and guide Awakening Journeys in Level 2.

The worldwide community of breath workers is expanding. This course provides an opportunity to interact with many other instructors and potential clients in your area.

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SOMA Breath founder is Niraj Naik, who performs at large events worldwide. He has a very unique approach to breathwork and meditation. One of the Breathwork teacher’s training is completed, each student will receive a Breathwork license to guide people through workshops and live classes.

Included in this online Breathwork course:

• Format: One Live 1-on-1 mentoring call with a Master Instructor
• bi-weekly live group calls
• online training material
• music
• meditation
• Therapeutic Tools, access to a Facebook group exclusively for Instructors. 
• Plus license to guide SOMA Energized Meditation Classes (upon graduation of the course)
• Duration: a few weeks.
• Price: $697 Instructor Training Level 1 + $997 Instructor Training Level 2 $1399 -Level 1 & 2 Instructor Training (4 month payment plan available for $379/month)
• Yoga style: Breathwork
• Professional Certification of Breathwork Facilitator certification
• Instagram: @somabreath
• Website:

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A wholesome approach: The essence of Breath

anni langlois leaning against a wall breath work Certification Programs Online

This online “Essence of Breath” program includes instruction on different yoga techniques, such as mindfulness, sound healing, and intuitive movement.

An integrative flow is created by learning and combing the techniques as taught in this online format. You will learn how to incorporate these practices to help students release tension and stress physically and mentally.

The Essence of Breath training looks to develop students first, through their practice, before becoming a qualified teacher. Each student undergoes a healing and discovery process, strengthening their interior, better equipping them to provide their true essence to clients.

Included in this online Breathwork certification course:

• Format: breathing sessions
• Duration: a few weeks
• live webinars
• writing
• live courses
• demos.
• Price: N/A
• Yoga style: Breathwork
• Certification: Professional Certification of Breathwork Facilitator
• Instagram: @annielangloisyoga
• Website:

Return to basics: Breathwork Basics & One-on-One 

jon paul crime holding stomach student breath work class Certification Programs Online

Jon Paul Crimi helps students learn about the physical sensations that may occur during Breathwork classes, so they know how to help clients relax and feel safe during the sessions.

He covers examples of different breathing issues clients could experience during breathwork, including tetany, a sort of side effect from hyperventilating. The attention put on this ensures future teachers leave prepared to lead the breathwork sessions with confidence.

Included in this online Breathwork certification course:

• Format – self-paced with videos
• Duration – 2 days in bite-sized videos.
• Downloadable audio tracks
• PDFs. 
• Price: $699 (full) or available in installments.
• Yoga style: Breathwork
• When you complete the 3 Breathwork courses, receive your Online certification ($100)
• IG: @jonpaulcrimi
• Web: jon-paul-crimi

Ways to Create a Profitable Online Yoga Business?

After you complete Yoga certification programs online, there are specific steps before teaching professionally. 

Whether teaching online or in-person, it is essential to have a business plan, including your financial goals.

A critical aspect of a successful yoga business is content that will build and nurture your audience. Once you create a steady stream of followers, marketing and scaling your brand becomes even more critical to keep and generate new followers.

One place to start as you move into building a business plan recommended by YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY is the Kelly McHugh “Teach Yoga Online,” a course on the top digital marketing strategies you need to run a thriving yoga business.

iPhone on stand taking video of yoga woman in one leg pose Yoga Certification Programs Online

Ways to create income as a Yoga teacher

Teaching yoga classes privately.

Once you begin teaching, you will find that you meet new students and develop a following. During this process, some of your students may ask you to teach them privately. It is important to have an hourly rate in mind, including any extra travel charges. It is also helpful to consider whether you will offer packages sessions and the price you will charge. A private teacher can ask for a higher rate than typically paid for group classes, and you have the freedom to organize your schedule.

Offer corporate classes

Many businesses offer yoga classes to employees. Companies and business owners recognize the benefits of providing Yoga as support for employee wellness. You can start by reaching out to businesses in your geographic area. Connect with the person in charge and explore the possibility of becoming their go-to teacher.

Luxury hotel’s wellness programs

Many luxury hotels have wellness programs, including offering yoga classes to hotel guests. You can usually find information about job opportunities through the concierge or human resources office.

Teach an Outdoor Class

In these times (and really any time!), teaching Yoga outside has become the norm. Outdoors spaces are an excellent option for Yoga classes to be held. Think about the beaches, parks, rooftops, and even parking lots! Instagram and Facebook are beneficial ways to generate interest and create a student following all of your yoga pop-ups.

Retreats or yoga centers

Many times headteachers look for assistant yoga teachers when leading large groups or retreats. Becoming an assistant teacher is a great way to learn what really happened behind the retreat scenes. Indeed, this hands-on experience can benefit your future plans of hosting your own retreat. How about if you were to reach out to various yoga centers and retreats organizations worldwide? You could ask if they are hiring or could help you be in touch with leading teachers. Also, think of joining YogaTrade to search for teaching jobs pop up.

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Host your retreats

With an assistant who is well-organized and could support you with the logistics of running a retreat, you could soon launch your own. Once you have a following and marketing plan, you will likely discover that your students will want to continue to learn from you and are open to doing so in a retreat setting. There are plenty of retreat centers to choose from on

Create your workshops

If you have a unique skill to share, there is no better time than now to create your own workshop. Offering something unique and different than what is already available will make you stand apart from the crowd. By focusing on Yoga’s specific aspect, you may become an expert in that particular field, drawing in even more students!

Online Teaching

As a teacher in the times of Covid-19, it is important to consider online teaching. Distance is not only irrelevant to all of the technology at our fingertips; it also is becoming the norm with more online platforms gaining traction and popularity. Always choose the best forum that feels right to you. Consider contacting the online studios and companies to inquire about becoming a teacher for them. YouTube is another way to teach and gain a following by loading your yoga practice videos. It is a great avenue to build your clientele by regularly publishing new yoga videos to hopefully reach a broad audience.

Creating your online training program

Teacher training programs can be an endeavor. Consider creating your own Program with intention and a mission in mind. Developing an online yoga teacher training that will be Yoga Alliance certified may be more attractive to prospective students, but it is not required. You decide what an authentic offering for you is!

Wellness and yoga writing

Do you love to write? There is a myriad of opportunities to write content for online publications. Do some research and contact different publications for opportunities to share your yogic knowledge and practice through the written word. You may also find this beneficial to find new followers and attract new students.

Write an

Ebooks can provide significant support to students outside the classroom setting. They can be created quickly by those knowledgeable in a specific subject and sold online. A simple search should also show you where to find places to import your text to create an ebook.

Affiliate programs online

Using social media accounts, you can promote the products or services that you use and love. Most brands now will have an affiliate program to join so you can refer their company to your students and make a commission on the sales you generate. Align yourself with companies and products you have tried to stay authentic.

The critical role of a Yoga Teacher?

Yoga teachers, classes, and courses are increasing in demand, as there is an ever-growing community of yoga practitioners worldwide. Being a yoga teacher means your students want to expand and explore other parts of their life through the Yoga you teach and the space you hold for them.

Inspiring students to be present is a significant aspect of your teaching; therefore, YOU must be present to your own practice of Yoga and meditation in your life. Teaching is first and foremost about growing yourself. Having graduated as a teacher, training is not enough to make a fantastic teacher out of you. In other words, continually learning is part of your job as a yoga teacher. It’s essential to remain sensitive to your students’ challenges and needs. As you support them to improve their life (physically, mentally, and spiritually), you gently lead them to evolve and discover their highest potential.